A modern Canadian consumer is tech-savvy, more demanding than ever, and more particular about customer experience. They shop online and prefer brands that can be ‘Googled.’ 

If your business doesn’t offer the values mentioned above, you’re missing out on an online presence.

What is meant by an online presence?

When we say online presence, it means that your business should primarily have a central website. The website should also link to other platforms that the customers can contact you through. Besides a phone number and a mailing address, the website should mention an email address and social media channels. Without these, the company essentially can’t exist.

The idea of being online is that your customers should be able to Google your business. According to studies, more than 90% of Canadians use Google as a search engine tool. This is how they look for products and services. If your company doesn’t appear on the first few pages when they search, you’re missing out on a robust online presence. 

Let’s look at some more benefits of going online. 

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Quantifiable metrics

With an online business presence, it’s easier to quantify how well your business is doing. If you have an e-commerce website, you can check the conversion rate to ascertain the percentage of visitors making a purchase. Similarly, other social media platforms allow you to study the outreach of whatever you post. The analytics tell you the number of users who read your message, reacted to it, or got influenced by it to purchase.

These metrics tell you what’s working and what’s not. It gives you digital proofs to help you understand whether your efforts are bearing any fruit. Let’s say you’ve posted a new blog, and suddenly there is a spike in the number of visits on the website. This shows that you’ve posted the content that resonates with the audience. This helps your business make improvements according to what the consumers want. You could use these data points to add more value to the consumer’s experience.

Better integration

According to a Canadian journal, brands need to stay relevant to survive. Businesses need to make efforts, so they remain unforgettable in a consumer’s mind. This aim could only be achieved by reaching out to your consumers through a holistic omnichannel approach. Omnichannel refers to the seamless integration of the physical and digital consumer experience. 

Ideally, your interaction with consumers should take place via both brick and mortar stores and online channels. The future of marketing is not solely physical. It’s not solely digital. It’s the integration of the two. It gives you an additional source of traffic, greater synergy across all departments, and higher ROIs. The same report states that this results in a personalized shopping experience, and your consumers are 75% more likely to purchase from you again.

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