Black Friday sales are a mecca for eager shoppers looking for exciting deals and promotions. Last year along, Black Friday spending went up to $7.5 billion—and that’s just for online sales!

Since organizing massive, in-store sales—as was the norm over the years—may not be possible this year, online sales are the way to go. With 93.2 million buyers shopping online last year, you can expect to boost your sales on this much-anticipated holiday.

So how can you draw potential customers to your e-commerce store and entice them to make a purchase? Keep reading to find out.

Leverage social media

With almost 91% of businesses using social media as part of their digital marketing strategy, these platforms offer an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to increase customer outreach and drive traffic.

With social media users projected to grow to 32.07 million in Canada by 2023, you need to be prepared to tap into this lucrative marketing opportunity. Gain traction for your sales and promotions via social media platforms that’ll help you reach out to your target audience.

Creating unique content and scheduling posts across your platforms helps you capture the attention of existing and potential customers ahead of the big day. If you’re not sure you can do this alone, work with social media marketing experts who can make your campaign a success.

Optimize for mobile

As e-commerce continues to become popular, users are now turning to mobile devices to carry out their shopping sprees. However, Google reports, that 96% of consumers come across sites that haven’t been designed for use on mobile phones.

A negative user experience on a mobile site means you’re driving away a potential customer. Visitors expect short loading times, optimized images, and a smooth purchasing experience.

Keeping this in mind, you need to plan ahead for your upcoming Black Friday sales and work with SEO and web development experts to optimize your site to perfection.

Build anticipation

If you’re looking to boost sales on Black Friday, you need to get to work ahead of time. SEO strategies work best when they’ve had time to gain traction and build anticipation.

In your blogs and social media posts, incorporate keywords and hashtags that create excitement for your upcoming sales. Utilizing phrases like Black Friday 2020 and Black Friday Sales will make it easier for interested customers to find your content and visit your online store.

Begin curating unique content geared toward the upcoming event a few weeks in advance. Dedicated blogs on gift guides and top 10 gift choices will drive organic traffic to your site before the event, making sure people keep an eye out for your products when the day arrives.

This Black Friday, enjoy record sales using digital marketing strategies that drive customers to your site. You’re not in this alone. We, at Vivid Optimizers, can help you get everything in order to optimize your e-commerce site for success.

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