Is Mobile search taking over Desktop usage ?

This is a question we get very often. A client wants to get their business involved in mobile marketing, but they don’t
have a mobile site, also known as a site optimized for mobile devices. They ask: Won’t my current website work just
fine? Can’t we just make a “smaller” version of the website?

Although desktop and mobile sites use the same Internet, there are three basic differences in technology, aesthetics,
and purpose that make them each a different battle for businesses.
With apps, mobile has overtaken desktop in total Internet usage in 2015.In fact, 80% of Internet users own a
Smartphone and use it to access the Internet and buy products & services online.
According to Online Publishers Association/Frank N. Magid Associates:
99.5 percent access content/information
63.1 access the Internet
62.1 percent check email
41.7 percent download and use apps
15 percent make purchases

We have been urging our clients and friends to get their mobile websites designed so that one day,No one can ask us,
“What?No Mobile Website?
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