Website owners want to increase their traffic, increase their leads/sales, and increase their revenue, and be able to
manage a growing online business.
We specialize in Internet Marketing for businesses with budgets as little at $499 to over $5000 a month. It’s
important to note that we can adjust to any size budget to help you gain the sales you are looking for.


A proper Internet marketing campaign can includes search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click management
(PPC), and social media marketing (Viral). Each one of these areas can help you achieve amazing results when it
comes to increase your online traffic. Let’s talk a little about each one of these.


SEO techniques are utilized by search Engine Experts to increase your rankings, presence, and traffic from search
engines. Search engines have the ability to deliver massive amounts of traffic to your business. A proper search engine
optimized website and Internet marketing campaign can reap you great rewards.
During SEO, web directories are utilized to gain you traffic from specific industry directories that will drive targeted
traffic to your website, as well as show the search engines that your website is being linked to from well know
authority websites that the search engines trust. This process helps increase your PageRank (Google’s search engine
rankings system).
RSS feeds are also utilized to spread the message of you website, your pages, and content throughout the Internet and
generate you traffic by linking back to your website.
Writing and syndicating articles that are geared toward your targeted audience will feed the search engine spiders,
which are hungry for information about your services. The syndicating process allows your article, video content, and
images to be seen on other major trafficked websites, which in return send you traffic for being the original source of
the content.
An important factor in SEO is updating your website with fresh new content that will keep the search engine spiders
fed and continue to send you traffic since your information is up to date.
There are other factors that are involved in SEO, and that are important to fully understand how search engines such
as Google, Yahoo, ASK, and MSN can send you thousands of visitors on a daily basis. You can read more about these
techniques in the “Search Engine Experts Blog” as well.


A proper pay per click campaign can be utilized to drive immediate traffic that you pay for on a per click basis from
the major traffic source websites such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN. Google’s Adwords advertising program is one
of the most famous PPC programs online.
With a PPC campaign you bid on your targeted keywords to gain traffic to your website. If your bid is good enough
with a good quality score, your Ad will appear for your keywords and with properly optimized Ad copy people will
click on your Advertisements. Once they go to your website, your landing pages will be the portal to your website, in
which you will be able to sell them on your services, and convert them into a sales.
At Search Engine Experts, we help increase your quality score, so you pay less than your competition for your
keywords, but still have your advertisement placed higher than theirs. We create and test new ad copy and landing
pages to optimized them for increased sales.
An example: We create an Ad that has a Click through rate of about 5% (5% of the visitor that see the Ad click on
it), and your landing page has a conversion rate of about 15% (15% of the people that landing on your page become a
sale or lead), we work and test your ad copy to increase the click through rate (CTR), and increase the conversion rate
on your landing page, so you get more bang for your buck. We also work to reduce keywords that are not performing,
and increase ones that are doing excellent. It is a daily ongoing process of monitoring bidding strategy to get the
maximum results for your website.
PPC is the fastest way to increase your traffic tomorrow for your website, but compared to Viral, and SEO, the most