SEO marketing is often hailed as one of the most important tools for small businesses. However, as SMEs in Canada jump on the SEO bandwagon, they often end up hiring the wrong firms for their brands that don’t really help their rankings.

Here’s what you should do to hire the right SEO company.

Don’t Fall For the Sales Pitch

When you approach SEO companies for their services (or if they approach you), you’re likely to hear a grand sales pitch about their services can do for your company. They’ll tell you all about the glorious advantages that come with hiring an SEO company, painting a colourful picture. Listening to their representative speak, you may just find yourself wondering why you haven’t hired them already.

There’s no denying the importance of SEO marketing for businesses. It really does help brands establish their image and cement their position in the industry. However, beware of the SEO salesperson who tries to woo you away with their words. Chances are, when you first contact an SEO firm, you’ll be speaking with their sales representatives and not the SEO strategists. Most sales pitches tend to cleverly disguise fluff and include things clients want to hear. It’s easy to get caught up in the sales pitch that seems to promise nothing but success, but don’t fall for it just yet. Speak to the relevant SEO strategists to get a better idea of how they’ll devise a marketing strategy for your business, as well as to learn more about their process.

Choose the Specific Services You Need

You also need to have at least some idea of the type of services you need for business before you hire an SEO service. Are you looking for on-page SEO? Do you want your website redesigned? Is social media marketing your focus of interest?

SEO firms offer a range of services, each of which involves a different strategy. You may, of course, consult their specialists to determine which services would best for you, but do your research beforehand and shortlist the specific services you want to avail.

Inquire About Their Past Results

One of the biggest red flags of hiring the wrong firm is their hesitance to share details of past work with you. Before you hire a service for your business, ask them about their previous projects and the kinds of clients they worked with. Inquire about the impact their services had for these clients, and in what time frame. The more willing SEO firms are to share examples of their past work with you and the better their record of results is, the more you can trust them.

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Go With a Company That Offers Affordable Services

SEO doesn’t have to cost your company a fortune. You can even get effective and efficient SEO services for more reasonable and affordable prices.

Firms often offer different packages based on the nature of SEO services required. Ask your prospective SEO firm about their packages, and choose one that best suits your SEO needs as well as your budget.

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