When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook has been ruling the roost for well over a decade now. While it started purely as a networking platform that helped people connect with family and friends, it has quickly evolved into an incredibly effective medium for marketing brands and promoting businesses. Today, over 180 million businesses use Facebook to connect with their customers.

So, what makes Facebook a key marketing channel for businesses today?

Well, here are three of the most prominent marketing benefits it offers.

Massive, Worldwide Exposure

As we mentioned, Facebook is, by far and away, the world’s largest social media platform with over 2.7 billion monthly active users. That is truly a staggering figure. Moreover, the platform allows businesses to market their brand and products/services through numerous forms, including groups, ads, and pages. Most individuals and businesses use Facebook pages to represent their brand. They can interact with their audience through wall posts and discussion threads, and receive feedback through comments and other mediums.

Facebook ads are another advertising tool that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. With Facebook having accumulated a colossal amount of demographic data, the ads allow advertisers to be extremely specific with the demographics they target.

Low-Cost Marketing

Many small businesses don’t have the resources needed to develop, host, and maintain a quality website. However, thanks to Facebook, they don’t need one. Any business can create their Facebook page absolutely free of cost, and upload whatever content they want on their page. Even a small business can create their own Facebook page, and list all their services or products/services at virtually zero cost.

Then you have Facebook ads, which are quite budget-friendly as well (at least for now). As we’ve mentioned above, these allow you to target customers of a particular demographic.

Boosting Your Web Traffic

Businesses can also guide Facebook users to their websites through strategic placement of links. Moreover, these prospects are more likely to convert since they click on the link to your website voluntarily.

Once you’ve got them to your landing page, you can make a more direct sales pitch by either asking them to view the product/service or in the form of a call to action.  

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