In the modern digital world, SEO is the key to business success! Search engine optimization helps businesses make very informed choices about their digital marketing strategies. It helps them rank higher than their competitors on search engines and garner more online traffic.

Here are some SEO trends that you need to watch out for:

Social links

The consumers of 2020 are more social media savvy than they were in the past. Most of the traffic on a company’s website comes from social networks. Consumers use social media to look for product reviews, store updates, and latest offerings. Since the social networks garner the highest traffic, most of your SEO must link to these networks. According to statistics, 47% of Canadian shoppers make their purchases using social platforms and spend around $924 per year on social media shopping.

Whether you’re writing blogs, third-party website articles, or other written content, make sure it links your consumers to follow you on social media. Instead of linking the readers to your website’s ‘Contact Us’ page, get them to follow you on Instagram or Facebook. For a modern consumer, your email address or contact number doesn’t matter much. They prefer dropping a DM on your Instagram to inquire about the store timings.

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Video marketing is the way to go

Video has been termed as the new king of content. Google loves it too. According to research, video content is at last 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine result pages, compared to webpages with plain texts and images. This why around 62% of the total Google searches from around the world include videos.

The videos that you create should be in line with the rest of the content. For best SEO results, the video should support the written content and should be posted on YouTube. Once this video is embedded on the website, make sure you add a copy on the same page to help Google understand what your video is about. Your website will generate higher traffic once Google indexes the video.

Content length

Content quality holds supreme importance, but the quantity matters too. The ideal blog length that we recommend is between 300 and 600 words. If your purpose is to sell a service or product, make it simple, precise, and short. Get to the point with your CTA as quickly as you can. You don’t want your readers to forget why they were on the blog in the first place. Online readers aren’t in a mood to read long essays; they need quick answers.

Make sure you’ve squeezed in as much useful information in the given number of words as you can. According to Forbes, most readers only read about 20% to 28% of a post. This means that you can’t write 200 words and call it a day. Keep it engaging and relevant! 

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